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RAID Calculator

Use our RAID calculator to determine how much usable disk space you get with any number of disk drives in various RAID configurations.

Input your total number of disks and your total drive capacity below to see how it all adds up. Both in total array size and in actual useable disk space.

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Number of Disks:

Drive Capacity (GB):

RAID level:

Raid 0 - Disk Striping - Minimum 2 Disks
Raid 1 - Disk Mirroring - Minimum 2 Disks
Raid 5 - Disk Striping with Parity - Minimum 3 Disks
Raid 6 - Dual Disk Striping - - Minimum 4 Disks
Raid 10 - Striping & Mirroring - Minimum 4 Disks
Raid 50 - Raid 5+0 - Striping with Distributed Parity- Minimum 6 Disks
Raid 60 - Raid 6+0 - Striping with Distributed Double Parity - Minimum 8 Disks

Total Array Size (GB):

Total Useable disk space (GB):

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